During your tenancy there are a number of things you can do to keep everything running smoothly and to save yourself money. Our property management team are on hand to deal with any necessary repairs but, please be aware that if a tradesperson is called to your property and finds the problem has been caused by a tenant’s own actions, you will be charged for the call out and repair.

We’ve listed below some of the common issues raised with us, which have very easy solutions:

  • If your washing machine isn’t draining properly, check whether the filter is blocked. This is often located behind a panel towards the bottom of the machine. Please refer to the instruction manual provided if you are unsure (these can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website)
  • If an appliance doesn’t work always check that it is plugged in and that the socket switch is on as well as the appliance being switched on.
  • Some appliances will have a wall-mounted isolator switch as well as being plugged in at a socket. These can get accidentally turned off by someone looking for a light switch!
  • Ovens are turned off in between tenancies, so if you have just moved in and find that the oven light comes on but the oven doesn’t heat up, try setting the time clock on the front of the oven. Please refer to the instruction manual if you are unsure (these can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website)
  • If you are getting water build up in your fridge check that the drainage hole hasn’t become blocked (usually by a piece of food.) This will be located along the bottom of the back of your fridge.
  • Do not leave your balcony door ajar or open in windy weather. If the wind catches it expensive damage can be caused, which is chargeable to the tenant.
  • Never switch off flat panelled electric heaters at the wall as this drains the battery, which can subsequently fail. This repair is, again, chargeable to the tenant. There will either be a thermostat or an on/off switch on the actual heater which you can use.
  • You should keep your property ventilated to prevent condensation and mould. Condensation will be more prevalent on bedroom windows or with single glazing. Try and open the windows daily, particularly in winter, wipe condensation off the windows and, if your apartment is fitted with a whole house ventilation system, please leave this on low constantly to ensure the internal bathrooms are properly ventilated. You should not dry clothes over the heaters – use the dryer or washer/dryer if provided.
  • If your lights go out or your power goes off, please check your fuse box first, before phoning for assistance, to see if one of the fuses has tripped.