Landlords should ensure they are consistent with communication with their tenant/s or Letting Agent. If the tenant of a private landlord has a problem they should be able to contact the landlord easily so that the problem doesn’t worsen and it can be resolved. Ensure tenants have all the correct contact details as they’ll feel more at ease when they know how to get in touch with their Landlord. If the Landlord is using a Letting Agent, they should ensure they have regular communication with them so that every party is kept up to date during the tenancy.


Tenants may face maintenance issues when renting a property. In this situation the Landlord should be willing to help repair anything that has been raised by the tenant, within reason. This will maintain a positive relationship between the tenant and Landlord.

Respect privacy

Private Landlords often inspect their properties, however Landlords shouldn’t bother tenants all the time whilst they are living in their property. If a private Landlord wants to visit the property, they should liaise with the tenant when is best. Tenants don’t want to be hassled by their Landlords and will respect them more if they let them know ahead of time when they plan to visit the property.

Be professional

Landlords should present themselves professionally to the tenant by ensuring the tenant is moving into a clean, tidy and well-presented new home. They should keep the property in good shape with fresh paint and carpeting. Stay up to date on repairs and lawn maintenance, handle noise complaints and respect the tenant’s privacy.

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