The residential investment market

The residential investment market in the UK (‘buy to let’) is a confused landscape at the moment. Dominated by so- called fractional sales specialists who have little genuine interest in their target markets and overseas direct sales campaigns, it is increasingly difficult to navigate. Genuine long-term investors, who seek to balance their long term planning by using a blend of cheap debt and cash to enter the market, are often thrown of the scent of the stable, reliable and robust markets by the promise of quick capital gains and booming economies. From Liverpool to Leicester, off plan schemes are hawked around with talk of the ‘fastest growing this’ and the ‘highest rate of that’.

We have always believed and still do, without a shadow of a doubt, that residential investment is an important and sensible part of any long term investment plan and the data speaks for itself. That doesn’t mean that all that glitters is gold.

The evidence coming out of Leeds, however, where we have sold and rented city centre property for 22 years, is compelling, well documented and well tested and there is a compelling argument as to why investors with an eye on stability and long term growth should take a look at Leeds.
  • Leeds has one of the fastest rates of population growth of any major city
  • Job creation in Leeds in recent years has been higher than in any city other than London or Cambridge
  • 7 million people live within a 1 hour drive of Leeds
  • Leeds has over 62,000 students at 2 major universities and a few smaller ones, many of whom choose to stay on when they graduate.
  • Leeds Railway Station is the 3rd busiest outside London which can be reached in as little as 2 hours.
  • The city has a diverse and robust economy- manufacturing still accounts for around 18% of output and Leeds is the largest provider of legal and professional services outside London.
  • It’s the only city outside London to have resident opera, ballet and theatre companies. The 2023 campaign seeks to reinforce and grow our cultural offer to new heights.
  • The South Bank area of Leeds represents the largest regeneration opportunity in Europe and seeks to double the size of the city centre.
  • According to a report from Cambridge Economic Associates in 2017, ‘there is a very real prospect for 47,000 additional jobs in the city centre in the period 2015-2030, and a commensurate requirement for 7.5 million sq ft of new office space.’

At Morgans, we manage the largest portfolio of apartments in the city centre and have achieved over 99% occupancy for the last 5 years- demand significantly exceeds supply and with a growing economy and more job creation, the housing market is going to have work hard to keep up.

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