A couple of weeks ago 29 of the Morgans team volunteered at Leeds MENCAP. The day began at 1:30pm and consisted of various different jobs which improved the facilities at the centre.

The Morgans team were divided into groups of 6 and split off into different areas of the centre. Part of the team had the job of repainting the ‘sensory’ room and the entrance corridor. After placing masking tape over every socket, picture and skirting board the team managed to finish the job by the skin of their teeth!


Another group had the duty of cleaning all the soft balls that were in the children’s play area – each pit was emptied, cleaned and the soft balls were cleaned and hung out to dry before putting them back into the pit ready for use the next day.

charity day 4 charity day 6

There was a team who were outside for the day, pulling out weeds, cleaning the pathways and generally jet washing the outside area. Although it was cold weather, the results of the work made it worthwhile by creating a fresh clean entrance to the centre.



The final team had the job of resetting the entire heating and cooling system in the centre, which surprisingly proved quite difficult, but the team did a great job and got it up and running by the end of the day.


After a long day the Morgans team were treated to a cinema trip to Everyman with food and drinks provided.

Leeds MENCAP is a centre that offers services and activities to improve the lives and opportunities of children and adults with a learning disability along with their families and carers. They are a local and independent charity who need to raise their own funds in order to run the centre. The charity currently supports over 250 families on a weekly basis and aims to provide support, advice and practical help for the whole family, long term.


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To find out more information on how you can get involved and support Leeds MENCAP, please visit their website; www.leedsmencap.org.uk.