Our top 5 Instagram posts this month  

Our Instagram page is all about showing our love for the city we call home. We focus our efforts on guiding you through the city of Leeds, showing off what the city has to offer, whilst recommending our favourite restaurants, bars, and shops and revealing our favourite hidden spots. Here’s our top five Instagram posts from last month…

#5 River Aire

The recent burst of heat and sunlight gave us such a great opportunity this last month to get some outstanding shots of city. The cleanliness and clarity of the river made this an Instagram worthy shot for us!

#4 Victoria Gate

The architecture of Victoria Gate and John Lewis. Also known as the building that has brought a vibrant new shopping scene and destination in Leeds- of course we’d post a pic of this!


#3 Brewery Wharf

Our nearby neighbour Brewery Wharf always makes for a great shot. Especially with the sun beaming directly onto the river.


#2 Athena Rising Mural

One of the most iconic pieces of art in Leeds and one of the UK’s tallest pieces of street art. The Athena Rising Mural created by Nomad Clan.


#1 M&S

Our top Instagram shot this month was of the original ‘penny bazaar’ now known as Marks and Spencer’s which sits in Leeds Kirkgate Market.


A final note…

By giving you a quick overview of the content we distribute onto our Instagram page, we thought you’d might like to suggest some other photos you’d like to see. Leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to take your thoughts into consideration. Alternatively, if you have any photos or videos of Leeds that you’d like us to feature on our Instagram page (Leeds City Living) please email us! Lucy Smith at l.smith@cityliving.co.uk or Katie Dalby at k.dalby@cityliving.co.uk. Thank you.