It’s our place to look after your place

Thank you for choosing Morgans to manage your property investment. We really appreciate you choosing us. We work hard to ensure we deliver great service from beginning to end, but we also recognise and understand that we will sometimes fall short of our aspirations. Should this be the case, please do let us know; over 25% of our business comes from recommendation and returning clients and we want to keep it that way.

We have a substantial team dedicated to the effective management of rent collection, tenancy admin and maintenance and we have 4 key areas of obsession;


We don’t ‘do’ empty property and work extremely hard through a process which starts 10 weeks ahead of tenancy expiry, to ensure that we are in control. Since 2007, we have managed to maintain an occupancy rate in our portfolio of over 99%.

Rent level

We have a long-term commitment to the market and have felt for a long time that rent levels are not where they should be in a city of the scale and dynamism of Leeds. We work hard to ensure that rents are at a commensurate level and other agents follow our lead.


We employ a firm but fair approach to rent collection- with the very rare exception of a property which is genuinely un-occupiable, there is no justifiable reason for the non-payment of rent.

As at January 2019 our arrears were at 0.7% current rent roll- one of the lowest in the country.


Maintenance costs

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we do not profit from maintenance either through mark-up or secret profit. We obsess about keeping maintenance costs as low as we can and even employ a handyman without minimum charge.

Our job is to minimise your costs and maximise your income.


20 years in business

We have been in business since 1997 and experienced city living from the start. We have built our business on the firm foundations of robust management, superior levels of customer service, high energy and innovative marketing approach.

62 hours

We believe that we work harder than all of our competitors to ensure that your property is let as quickly as possible and at the best possible rent. Our office is open for over 62 hours a week including 4 late nights a week. (Please be aware that our opening times change during the winter).

5000 square foot work space

We are proud to call Number 1 Dock Street our home. We have sensitively brought the listed facade back to life and won a British Council for Offices award for our interior fit-out. Our 5000 square foot work space is fitted out to the highest standard for the comfort and enjoyment of our clients and staff alike.